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Energy Alchemy


For the past 40 years, Deby Estel, of Energy Alchemy and the Equine Alchemist, has certified in and has developed dozens of distant energy work modalities to promote wellness and positiveness for your Be-ing.  

With Energy Alchemy, she connects to the body energetically using intuition or applied kinesiology and allows the body to be her guide.  Communicating to you or your animals' subconscious mind, she asks the body what it feels is a priority that needs to be energetically balanced, She then proceeds to release emotions that do not serve your highest good, send beneficial energy frequencies where needed, and correct any energetic imbalances in the bodys' energy field.  

Unlimited possibilities are waiting.


All Sessions Are Done Remotely

  You do not need to be present or make time to receive benefits from a remote energy session.  Sessions are done worldwide for 

animals and people of all ages.  

All modalities, from Energy Alchemy and the Equine Alchemist, can be used in conjunction with care from your licensed health care professional.  Many DVMs, DDSs, DCs, LAcs, farriers, animal communicators, and body workers seek out my services for help with themselves, 

their patients, or their clients.   

My clients report..."The experience is life changing!" 

Energy Work is the past connecting to the present to create 

the future of your highest level of well-being. 

No matter what challenges you or your animal are having,  

"Your Future is Waiting!"

Session Modalities


What to expect with you or your animals comprehensive energy session:

  • Clear non beneficial energies on your property and surrounding area 
  • Release trapped and inherited emotions and energetic trauma in and around your body
  • Neutralize energetic imbalances in your chakra, aura field, and meridian system
  • Send frequencies of flower essences, colors, sounds, and scared geometry

For animals all of the above plus:

  • Understand natural and holistic care and the use of herbs and supplements for wellness and balance
  • Clear barns, arenas, trails, and show facilities from non beneficial energies of other horses and people
  • Energetic balancing for specific behavior and fear issues 
  • Answer any questions you may have for your animals  
  • Relay any messages that your animal may have for you 

I offer specific programs for:

  • Clearing prosperity blocks 
  • Releasing childhood programming
  • Geopathic stress related non beneficial energies

Contact me for the inspiration and encouragement to bring balance to 

your heart, body, mind, spirit, and soul's energy field for well deserved 

positiveness towards your future growth. 




DoTerra Essential Oils

Essential oils for your home, family, pets, and your environment.


Legal Disclaimer and Session Information

Deby Estel of Energy Alchemy and the Equine Alchemist 

is not a licensed physician.

All remote energy sessions are considered alternative and may be used in conjunction 

with services from your licensed health care professional.

Remote sessions modalities offered are not licensed by the state. 

All Energy Alchemy and the Equine Alchemist remote sessions will include a variety of techniques such as Reiki or the Reconnection, Emotion or Body Code, Aromatherapy, Crystal, Color, Sound, or Sacred Geometry Frequencies, Bach and Flower Essence Frequencies,  Chakra and Meridian Balancing, Herbal and Homeopathic Frequencies, Animal Communication, Holistic Horse Care 

and Nutrition, or Balancing Animal Behavior Issues. 

All sessions are done remotely and the client will never be in physical contact with the practitioner.  Your remote energy work facilitator will connect to your energy field, asking for permission 

from the subconscious mind, and proceed to balance or transmute energetic imbalances

 in or around your energy field.  

All session information shared by the client to the facilitator is strictly confidential.  If notes are taken, they will be held on file for 3 years as required by law and shredded at the end of the period.

Theory of energy work...Epigenetics is the study of cellular and physiological traits that turn our genes off and on.  Current science has shown that we can be influenced by these traits by memories encoded in our DNA.  By connecting to the body's energy field, your facilitator may be able to assist in releasing or balancing emotions or non beneficial energy related to these gene expressions. 

Deby Estel, of Energy Alchemy and the Equine Alchemist, brings over 40 years of experience and education in the natural health field including herbs and nutrition and various energy work techniques,  She has completed and certified in dozens of alternative health, nutrition, energy work, animal husbandry, and environmental science certification programs with accredited and non accredited schools and universities.  This knowledge is combined in remote energy sessions to educate and inspire you and may help you to achieve your goals for future growth 

and positiveness in all aspects of your life.

Information on this website is for education purposes only 

and is not meant to treat, diagnose cure, or prevent any disease.