Best session I have ever had. Just climbing a mountain now, well walking and running.  Deby is amazing at how quickly she was able to find out all the issues that needed to be resolved. She uses many great modalities. I felt fantastic after the session. I am a healer myself and learnt a lot from Deby.  Peter in Australia

In my reading, I addressed several questions to Deby - I'm sure it was more questions than she was expecting! Not only did she take the time to respond and address each one, all the responses resonated so well and validated many things for me.  She was amazingly accurate with many of the issues - really shockingly accurate with things she knew absolutely nothing about.  Deby is exceptionally gifted/talented.  Whatever the issue, she will be able to address it and provide you with information that can help!  Since my reading with Deby, I 'feel lighter' - I don't know any other way to express it.  Dee in AZ

Thank you Deby for all your care, concern, and connection with my horse Windy and me through the most difficult time of Windy’s life: her grief over the loss of her 3 sisters and then her  

own demise to the horrible, fatal disease of pythiosis. 

Windy contracted pythiosis.  She was going downhill rapidly and I was searching for any information on the disease I could find.  Deby contacted me about doing energy work on Windy.  She helped both of us through the horrible disease process that was her final demise.  She would talk to Windy and often help get her to move and help her disposition. With energy work, Deby helped give me support through the veterinary treatment and care for her, thus helping me deal with the final couple of days of Windy's illness and making the decision to let her go. Deby helped bridge the communication between my little mare and me in the end. She helped me understand and accept that Windy was ready to move on to be with her momma and sisters that she was so bonded to, as they had already crossed the rainbow bridge. Windy was the only one left in earthly form. She was a lost soul without her family and they were waiting for her. Deby was there for support morning, noon, and night.  I so appreciated her concern and care.  I miss the girls so much but they are a whole family again and I have to find some peace with that.  Deby still checks on me occasionally and I appreciate this very much. Thank you Deby for all of your help. You have been a blessing. 

Best Regards, Betty in IN 

I highly recommend Deby in all that she does to help release unwanted emotions, energy blocks etc. It really helped me relieve the sorrow of the recent passing of my dear sweet dog. I noticed a big shift right away in my being and a decompression of my nervous system. My session with her was so beneficial that I wish I had found her sooner! Bonni in CA

I first met Deby when she was a manager at a vitamin store.  She impressed me immediately with her vast knowledge and variety of natural products, from homeopathic to supplements, to natural health, and various modalities.

Deby has a huge heart not only for friends and family, but she has also demonstrated love in the Animal Kingdom too.  She possesses a passion to help everyone and creates time as best as she can do so.

She is an intuitive energy work practitioner and someone I trust to work on myself and my loved ones. I highly respect everything Deby does and what she practices, Dr Sandra LAc, DC in CA

I had such a delightful reading with Deby. She was able to get to the root of my situation and did clearings to help me get past blockages so that I can move forward on my path. She is more than generous with her time and very intuitive.  Lee Anne in NH